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From now please begin your Business venture in the Ramen Industry by studying at TRA.

Japanese Ramen

Famous Chefs Teach Directly!

Learn from the top masters in Japan how to make the finest Ramen!!

Now days Japanese Ramen is the most popular worldwide, Even in Japan The taste of Ramen is constantly evolving.TRA (Tokyo Ramen Academy) is now the top academy with the most famous chefs. The Chefs are masters of cooking Ramen and will teach you their knowledge and unique skills on cooking Ramen directly. TRA is the only place available with this service.

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15 day Intensive Master Course!

The class will take place in a full-fledged professional kitchen. Each class will be with a few students, so they are guaranteed to get the best advice.
The chefs will teach you all the famous techniques ,details and variety recipes from all the best ramen chefs. If you Dream of becoming a Ramen chef, TRA is the place to start learning of even perfect skills you already know.

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TRA Principal’s Aka ‘Ramen King’ Hideyuki Ishigami!

Mr. Ishigami
Mr. Ishigami is the number one Ramen critic in Japan. He has the ‘tongue of god’ when tasting Ramen. He has been a Ramen critic worldwide for close to 20 years and has also written several tens guidebooks about Ramen restaurants. His book is like the Michelin guide of Ramen.
All the most famous Ramen stores aim to get published in his book.

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15 Day Successful Ramen Study in TRA Japan Ramen Industries top chefs only appear daily in a man to man teaching environment is only at TRA! In 15 days you can learn the skills and abilities to make cutting edge Ramen. There is no limitation on the presence or absence to make Ramen, all you need is readiness and motivation. We provide free accommodation.


15 day Intensive Master Course Schedule


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